2023 Selenium WebDriver Java Bootcamp: Basics to Architect

2023 Selenium WebDriver Java Bootcamp: Basics to Architect

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Course : Selenium WebDriver Java: Basics to Architect Bootcamp 2023

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This is the #1 course that has been designed to help students learn Selenium Webdriver extremely well using the Java programming language. This course has been specifically designed to help you learn the most about the subject, using techniques that help you retain information. It even comes with a dedicated test CRM store to help you gain real-life experience!

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What does this course cover?

Selenium Web driver’s history, architecture, and key features

An easy-to-follow setup module so we can hit the ground running

Our first look at an automated test using the Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers

Understanding Selectors/Locators in detail

How we can interact with various elements found across the web

Understanding Webdriver Waits in Detail

Quick Java – for those wanting to learn Java or to refresh their knowledge

More advanced element interaction using more complex websites

Advanced subjects like Chrome Options, SSL certificate handling, cookies, and more

Framework overview and understanding of the journey ahead

TestNG – everything you need to know about it and how to use it

Parametrisation, global variables, and the importance of a base page

Maven – how we can use the build automation tool to speed up our Java Project development

Page Object Model – learn how to follow good design practices that are maintainable

Building a framework from scratch in easy-to-follow steps

How to achieve Parallel Execution using Thread Local

Jenkins Continuous Integration – how to automatically trigger tests based on the date/time we decide

Extent reports – learn how to generate advanced and detailed professional reports

Learn how to pull data from Excel using Apache POI

And much more!

What makes this course different from others?

You are taught “why” we do things, not just “how” to do things

Each lecture starts with an explanation of what we are going to cover before moving on to a demonstration

All coding lectures have downloadable code examples

The course code is structured so you can easily refer back to the code from a previous lecture in the future

You learn from the very basics all the way to developing a well-designed, professional framework

We cover all key topics, from Selenium Webdriver basics, fundamentals, TestNG, Maven, Extent Reports, Parallel Execution (using Thread Local), Jenkins, Apache POI, and much more

We use good design patterns and I show you step-by-step how to make use of the Page Object Model so that your framework is maintainable

This course comes with a bundled dedicated website and e-commerce store so that you learn actual life-like experiences that you will face in the real world

This course has been recorded with professional recording equipment so that each lesson is crystal clear

You will 100% learn Selenium Webdriver extremely well, and if you are not satisfied, you have 30 days to refund your purchase

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What you will learn :

1. You’ll learn effectively. There is NO bloat material found in this course!
2. You’ll develop a deep understanding of Selenium Webdriver using the Java programming language!
3. You’ll understand how to develop a well designed and maintainable framework from scratch!
4. You’ll develop a deep understanding of the Page Object Model so that your framework is maintainable!
5. You’ll learn many techniques and technologies including TestNG, Maven, Design Patterns, Jenkins, Extent Reports, Parallel Execution, Apache POI and more!

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