[2021] Entrepreneurship Fundamentals: CEO, CMO, CTO & CFO [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

William McGuffey Academy

What you'll learn :

1. DEVELOP the entrepreneurial skills
2. LEARN to form a strong base for your future
3. EXPLORE your entrepreneurial skills and polish them
4. GET to know the business world in a better way
5. ACQUIRE knowledge of business planning and model development
6. COMPREHEND the concept of CTO
7. UNDERSTAND the notion and roadmap of industry 4.0
8. ACQUIRE the understanding of revolutionizing the industry with Industry 4.0
9. BECOME competent in marketing communications
10. BECOME proficient in making a marketing strategy
11. GET specialized in marketing, finance and technology
12. LEARN the impact of the course on the development of your child
13. UNDERSTAND the set of skills that can be beneficial in the long run
14. MAKE an action plan to develop the set of skills necessary for professional growth
15. PLAN your career in advance that will help you make the right decision.
16. DEVELOPMENT of skill for clearing interviews
17. GET the chance to distinguish your profile with an added certification.

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