Truth about your dreams

Dream capture
truth you never heard about dreams

We always wonder why did I dream about this? , what is the meaning of this? , I think I dreamed about something good but I can’t remember? So today’s blog we are going to see about meaning for your dreams. Let’s chill out today rather than serious topic 😉

Everyone dreams!

everyone dream

Yeah, every one will dream. Many of us feel refreshed after dreams and some may not. Comparatively, women have a longer dreams than men. Everyone will dream if you think u didn’t because you forget. Unless if you are in extreme psychological stress. Men dream more aggressive and violent dreams compared to women, women usually dream referring cloths.


We forget 90% of dreams

forgetting dream

we tend to forget what we dreamed even if you wake immediately. Every night we dream all night, not only during rapid eye movement(REM), and mostly remember only the last cycle of a dream.

When alarm ticks – you will forget

alarm will make us to forget dream

Yeah, when alarm forces you into the real world, you will forget what dream you were dreaming, to avoid this wake on your own.” you can chase dream else it will run away “.

Control what you are dreaming

Sometimes you can feel that you are awake but you keep on dreaming, yeah at that time you can control and change whatever you like do (i will do that to meet my idol 😉 )

Seems real

waking up at night

In some dreams we feel real (like hell) our heartbeat, blood pressure everything will rose, we sweat. Sometimes we find relaxed(sigh!) that it is not real, sometimes we will be mad that we didn’t do anything (maybe proposing to your crush 😉 ).

Nightmares are not only about ghosts

Nightmares are not only about ghosts, it includes scary ghosts images, apart from that many unpleasant things will also line up and show a creepy movie .like feeling of fear, failure, guilt, confusion, sad, worry.

And that’s it for today :). Dreaming is good and normal, its not a big deal .Also when you are snoring you cant dream. It’s pretty normal if you don’t dream but you need to check your health extreme sadness and deprivation prevents you from sleeping.