Troubling how to Sex Ed your middle school child

sex education for kids_


While watching a show have your child asked “What are they doing Mom?!”, while you are scolding and giving a vague explanation so he/she won’t ask any more questions!.Yeah! I know we are good at parenting when it comes to Sex we always took a step back.NO! we can’t do this anymore like this, we need to educate our child. If you are someone like me, yeah! you came to the right blog. Come on let’s get started!…

Why we need Sex education ?

One of the main reason to sex ed our child is

  • Teen Pregnancies
  • They will be more certain about their choices and more informed
  • More Protection against Sexually transmitted disease

Also, we can strengthen our bond with our children, they can share their feelings without any restrictions. So we can teach our children how to behave if they misbehave. More or less we need to approach our children before it gets too late to bring them back to us

Teenage Pregnancies

11 percent of the world teenage pregnancies happen in India. That means 16 million women(typically girls) give birth at the age of 15 to 19

Effects On Teenage Pregnancies

On Mom(Teen Moms):

  • High blood pressure on Teen mom than average moms in ’20s this harms kidney or even fatal for Mom or Child
  • Causes Anemia can make Teen mom to feel tired, weak and even affect child development
  • Giving Birth at Teenage is more dangerous than the average of 20’s mom (for both mom and son )
  • Complications on Delivery are majorly seen in Teenage pregnancies
  • Depression and nervousness during a teen pregnancy, yeah naturally parents don’t want our child to give birth so early so she tends to hide it by going to abortion clinics may lead to a significant effect on Uterus or Mental Trauma
  • Their studies will get affected, the financial crisis will arise leads to emotional distress

On Baby :

  • The baby may be born prematurely with low weight
  • If a baby born without fully developed (brain development) will affect the baby’s life
  • Both Mom and dad(if both are teen) will feel tough to raise a child, can’t raise a healthy-minded baby if they are in distress

Sex Ed

At Middle school, our children will feel that something is changing in their body, and their bodies. They don’t know what they are going through , yeah they must be curious about the changes. If we let them know the changes is just ordinary that will avoid the effects of curiosity.

The parts of teen body change during puberty indicating that your body is ready to make baby,the reproductive parts not only seen outside ,also in inside like lungs ,stomach , etc like normal organs

Let’s get into basics of reproductive parts

Men Reproductive parts

Outside of male reproductive organ ,that everyone can see is

Outside of the male reproductive organ, that everyone can see is

  • Penis 
  • Scrotum

The penis will be in different sizes like broad, length, thinner, longer, circumcised, uncircumcised

One of the main points of the male reproductive system is producing sperm and this sperm looks like a tadpole in the micrometer to make a baby, we can’t see sperm in bare eyes, can only be seen under a microscope in ultra zoom mode (lol so tiny!?)

Now coming to the inside of the reproductive organ:

All the inner parts of the male reproductive system is helping to release the sperm into the women’s body to make a baby.

  • Testicle – This will look like a ball-like structure which is also known as Teste [which will hurt like hell when got hit there 🙁 ]. This helps in producing sperm and storing the sperm for later use in the upper layer of testes called Epididymis
  • Vas deferens – This will be used once the sperm is ready to be used kinda like a road(pathway ) for traveling
  • Seminal Vesicle, Prostate – Are the fluids and nutrients for sperm to have the energy to move on their long journey
  • Bladder – This is not included in the reproductive system but it does store the urine until you are ready to pee.
  • Urethra – The tiny gap where both pee and sperm are released from here but not at the same time.
  • Penis – Is where the external outlet can see, urine and sperm outlet
  • Scrotum – This protects the testicles and is used as a refrigerator to cool down the testicles’ sperm production job.

Now we saw how the male reproductive system work, lets get down to our last topic.

Female Reproductive System

The main part of female reproductive system is producing eggs .Eggs , which is tiny like hair width but much bigger than sperm when sperm enters the egg then the egg is fertilized(into baby)

female human's egg
Egg produced form female reproductive system
sperm entering egg image
Sperm entering egg – leads to fertilized egg(baby)

Outsides of Female genitalia

Outside view of Female reproductive system
outside appearance of female reproductive system

This is how it seems outsides of the female genitalia ,it is various sizes like wider,thinner , thicker etc..

Parts are :

  • Clitoris – is the sensitive part of female genital system
  • Labia – Is the Outer layer covering vagina opening preventing from microbes infection
  • Hymen – is the thin layer of tissue in the vaginal opening(that will break easily )
  • Vagina – This is where Penis enters and releases the sperm for making baby.
  • Urethra – This is not considered as female reproductive system it is the path where pee come
  • Anus – This is also not one of the reproductive system parts ,its the path for poop

inside view of female reproductive system

This is How looks inside girl’s genitalia

I will say the simplified working process of uterus:

Ovary is the egg producing (kinda factory) it will release a egg from either of a side per month .That egg will travel through Fallopian Tube (like pathway) ,the egg will (wait ) stay in cervix for period of time expecting sperm for fertilizing (making baby).Cervix is playing as a place for holding baby for 9 while months. The Sperm will enter form the Vagina until it reaches the egg . If the sperm get into egg then it will turn into a baby. If there is no sperm entering egg then the wall of cervix will shed like bleeding(Mensuration or Menses) and leaves through vagina for 2 to 5 days(approx)

so this is pretty much basic 🙂