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After having a 50% growth in 2019, Now Tesla announced their strategies to produce a new vehicle. Which just worth $25000. In the annual shareholders submit and tesla’s battery day event a few days back.

The increase in efficiency and improvements in the cells has been a super demanding factor. That every atom has its place it wants to deliver energy density and cycle life in supercharging.

Category :

  1. Cell design
  2. Cell factory
  3. Anode
  4. Cathode
  5. Cell vehicle integration

Cell design :

Replacing the traditional design of cells that use taps and cells. Which measures about 21×70 mm. By using this new tap less cells the measurement changes to are 46 mm in cross and 80 mm in length. It increases 16% in range and 6 times the power in comparison with their previous-generation cells.

Cell factory:

Removal of taps helps to gain high-speed continuous motion. That reduce the time and makes the manufacturing of machine runs continuously. Without the need of interrupting the process for adding the taps.

Anode :

To reduce the cost in anode Materials. They now categorized their vehicles into three types based on use case of the vehicles.

  • Iron anode for cheaper vehicles.
  • Nickel magnesium anode for heavier vehicles
  • Pure nickel anode for heavier vehicles like Cybertruck.

Cathode :

Tesla planned to use silicon by replacing the usage of graphite. Due to the fact that they are 20% cheaper when considering cost of graphite, and they are abundant on earth.

Cell vehicle integration :

Major changes on the form factor in the placement of cells in-vehicle integration. It results in low parts and a 56% reduction in cost per kilowatt-hour.

Water management :

Tesla has about more than 10000 acres for lithium extraction. The process is called as collocate lithium conversion . In that sulfate free method reduce 33% in cost of lithium and 66% reduction in investment with zero waste water.

Recycling :

Tesla decided to increase the usage of recycled materials because they are more desirable than raw ores

Conclusion :

They are also expecting about 100GWH in 2022 and 3TWH in 2030. It’s the journey of Tesla in the innovation of forth generation cells. In Tesla’s battery day they also tipped about their upcoming vehicle.

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