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Introduction :

Did anything more valuable than minerals, oil, and gold ? we are in a need to protect seeds from extinction? It’s possible to protect seeds? Is there any gene banks? How is the Svalbard global seed vault actually looks? … If you had thoughts similar to it then this blog is perfect for you…

Svalbard global seed vault

Location :

Svalbard global seed vault is located deep inside a mountain located between the mainlands of Norway and the North Pole. It is known as a global seed vault.

Svalbard global seed vault

Largest :

This global seed vault represents the largest collection of seed vaults in the world. And it is built in a manner to sustain from man-made and natural disasters.

Lack of maintenance :

There are more than 1700 gene banks present worldwide, but more of them are vulnerable to natural disasters and most of them are not well maintained properly due to improper funding. Such low maintained freezers can ruin the whole collection of seeds in the vault.

Natural cooling :

The presence of vault inside a mountain protects the seeds even in the condition without power by providing frozen from the permafrost and thick rock.

Backup :

Like a life-saving insurance policy, the vault saves the seeds for a number of centuries. It acts as a backup for different important varieties of seeds available in the world.

Measures :

The vault is 100 meters inside the entrance. And it is located in a geologically stable area with a low humidity level and situated above the sea level for better protection.

Capacity :

Estimated storage capacity of the vault is about 4.5 million varieties. Each varieties on the vault will have about 500 backup seeds.

Collection :

Varieties of crops stored in the vault vary from American based seeds to Asian seeds like rice, maize, etc. Currently, about 980000 samples are presented inside the vault.

To avoid unnecessary duplication it takes about some years to assemble them.

Process :

At the lowest temperature of -18° c, the seeds are stored in a three-ply foil package, and then they are sealed inside the boxes to keep in selves on the vault to protect them for a long period of years.

Black box :

The black box system was strictly maintained in the vault under International seed vault law. According to it, the depositors are the only beings who have a right to open those boxed from the vault.

Conclusion :

Svalbard global seed vaults serves as an important vault to protect these seeds from extinction like dinosaur’s.

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