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Intoduction :

Do you know about the lake full of the skeleton? Did you know whose skeleton are they? And it belongs to which century? If no, then Learn something interesting about the skeleton lake.

skeleton lake

Skeleton lake :

India is not an optional country when it comes to mysteries. We packed about lots and lots of mysterious places to visit from an unopened door with a full valuable gold and platinum to the glacier lake with the bones of skeletons.

Roopkund lake :

The lake was named as roopkund lake, and it was situated in the Himalayas at an altitude of 16500 feet (5.03 km). The Himalayas is a peak well known for pilgrims and more mythological stories related to the Hindu god Lord Shiva.

Meaning :

The name roopkund reflects a meaning appearance a small reservoir.


Lord shiva :

It is said that while lord Shiva and Parvati traveling to Kailash. Lord Parvati killed numerous demons, and then she is wanted to take bath.

But they did not see any river or any kind of water bodies to take a bath. Lord Shiva dig the glacier with his trishul and paved the way to convert glaciers to water bodies. And then parvati take bath on the crystal clear water comes from glaciers.

Hardworking guard :

In the year 1942, a hardworking guard made his way through the valleys, and he reached the edge of the lake at that instance he shocked by seeing the lake filled fill lot and lots of skeletons on the lake and shores.

Between June and mid-October the glaciers in the Himalayas begin not only to meet but also to reveal the skeletons that been inside the glaciers for years and years.

skeleton lake

The anthropologists, scientists, historians and the local people had nothing to convey about these happening.

At first, they thought that bodies are the Japanese people’s who invaded the Himalayas for trekking during the period of second World War.

Due to some natural calamities they were injured and died. On account of huge melting point in Himalayas the peoples are freezes as glaciers

British government :

During this period INDIA was completely under the control of British. They send some of their troops to make some research on the Himalayas about the skeletons.

Samples :

The research team takes samples from 300 bodies. Some of them are with flesh and some of them contains only the skeleton.

The results revealed some interesting things. The skeletons found on the lake was not belongs to one group of  people’s.

Not one but two :

The skeletons in the lake contains two different kinds of people’s skeletons.

One group of people have thinner and shorter bones. While the other group of people has relatively longer bones when compared with the previous ones.

And all the skeletons present in the valley are dated back to the 9th century. The DNA samples collected from these dead bodies have unique DNA that is not found anywhere in the world. Some belong to Maharashtra.

Trekking :

 Rookund is far away from human settlements, so it may be the person who visited them for trekking, and they are accompanied by some local guides for trekking.

And there may be huge sized snow ball occurred and completely rolled them and kept within it for years and years.

king Jaiswal :

And it is also believed that in the medieval period the king Jaiswal and his pregnant wife went to a pilgrimage in the Himalayas with their soldiers and dancers. They refused to walk barefoot.

This instance made the Nandi anger and send a wild storm with snowballs and destroyed all the soldiers, king, queen, and baby. Which is delivered while reaching that place.

The gold’s used by queen was found on some skeletons. And there is also a song which narrates the same situation.

Some group of people’s believe that the skeletons are belongs to the people who visited to find the magical mushrooms.

Magical mushroom :

Magical mushrooms are sometimes grown on the region. It has some good medicinal properties.

The peoples may affected by natural calamities and turned to skeletons whole searching for it.

study :

The study published in 2019, states that the people’s are not only belonged to India. But also from the regions like Southeast Asia and Greece. They also said that people do not die in a single catastrophic event. It may be due to the series of disasters in several times. 


Like all those mysterious places’ skeleton, the lake has a number of theories and there is no such evidence to prove about that occurrence.

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