Reliance Jio GET 2023 – All Engineering branches must apply without further delay

Reliance Jio GET 2023

Reliance Jio Graduate Engineer Trainee Network

In preparation for the Reliance Jio GET 2023 initiative, our team embarked on a comprehensive journey that began with carrying out meticulous requirement understanding sessions with our colleagues from the business, planning, and regulatory teams. This initial step allowed us to grasp the intricacies and objectives of the project. With a clear vision in mind, we proceeded to plan the network design and architecture that would cater to all businesses under this grand endeavor. Operational planning became our next focus, ensuring that each respective function was well-prepared to contribute seamlessly.

To meet the high customer demands expected in the GET 2023 venture while maintaining a congestion-free network, we executed meticulous network capacity planning. In parallel, we engaged in the critical process of vendor evaluation and validation, ensuring that we partnered with the best in the industry. Detailed engineering for LTE, FTTH, and Enterprise networks was painstakingly outlined, and engineering documents per node and monthly operating plans were meticulously prepared to facilitate planned event execution.

Throughout this journey, coordination with our cross-functional team members played a pivotal role, and we remained steadfast in our commitment to adhering to standard operating processes to achieve our end objectives. Furthermore, we recognized the importance of enhancing our technical knowledge, and as a result, we actively participated in technical seminars and webinars, equipping ourselves with the latest advancements and insights to support the Reliance Jio GET 2023 initiative effectively.

Eligibility Criteria for Reliance Jio GET 2023

B.E. / B.Tech in any discipline

  • Experience Requirement :
  • Fresher

Job Responsibilities for Reliance Jio GET 2023

1. Carry out requirement understanding from business, planning and
regulatory teams
2. Plan network design and architecture for all businesses
3. Conduct operational planning for respective function
4. Execute network capacity planning to meet customer demands and
maintain congestion free network
5. Assist in vendor evaluation and validation process
6. Detail out engineering for LTE / FTTH and Enterprise network
7. Generate engineering document per node and monthly operating plan for
planned event execution
8. Coordinate with cross-functional team members
9. Ensure adherence to standard operating process to achieve end
10. Enhance technical knowledge by attending technical seminars /

Experience Expectations for Reliance Jio GET 2023
This opportunity is open to recent graduates.

Skills & Competencies :Reliance Jio GET 2023

1. Knowledge of computer networking fundamentals
2. Familiarity with best software engineering practices and development
3. Interpersonal skills
4. Problem solving and analytical skills
5. Team player
6. Technical orientation

Primary Duties for Reliance Jio GET 2023
1. Grasp requirements from business, planning, and regulatory teams.
2. Formulate strategies for network design and architecture across business units.
3. Execute operational planning within the respective function.
4. Implement network capacity planning to meet customer demands and maintain an efficient network.
5. Participate in vendor evaluation and validation processes.
6. Elaborate on engineering aspects for LTE / FTTH and Enterprise networks.
7. Develop engineering documents for each node and devise monthly operating plans for planned event execution.
8. Foster effective collaboration with cross-functional team members.
9. Ensure strict compliance with established standard operating procedures to achieve defined objectives.
10. Bolster technical knowledge by actively engaging in technical seminars and webinars.
primary duties for Reliance Jio GET 2023
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