Mobile Computing and its Applications

Mobile Computing could also be a technology that allows transmission of data , voice and video via a computer or the opposite wireless enabled device without having to be connected to a tough and fast physical link. Where is that the technology heading to in future along side the classifications and security issues involvement. It can also be a technology that allows transmission of data , voice and video via a computer or the opposite wireless enabling device without having to be connecting to a tough and fast physical link. the most concept involves −

Mobile Computing in Mobile Hardware

It includes mobile devices that receive the services of mobility.These devices will have a receptor medium that’s capable of sensing and receiving signals. These devices are with configurement of work in full- duplex, whereby they’re capable of sending and receiving signals at an equivalent time. They do not need to wait until one device has finished communicating for the opposite device to initiate communications. Above mentioned devices use an existing and established network to work on. In most cases, it might be a wireless network.


Mobile software

It is that the actual program that runs on the mobile hardware. It deals with the characteristics of mobile applications. this is often the engine of the mobile device. In other terms, it’s the OS of the appliance. It is the essential component that makes the mobile device to operate.Since portability is that the main factor, this sort of computing ensures that users aren’t pinning themselves to one physical location, but are ready to operate from anywhere. It incorporates all aspects of wireless communications.

Mobile Computing Classifications:

Mobile computing is not only limited to mobile phones. There are various gadgets available in the market that are building on a platform to support mobile computing. They are usually classified in the following categories −

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

The main idea of this device is to act as an electronic organizer that’s easy to use and capable of sharing information with your computer systems. PDA is an extension of the PC. These systems are capable of sharing information with a computing system through a process or service with reference to as synchronization. Both devices will access one another to see for changes or updates within the individual devices. The utilization of infrared and Bluetooth connections enables these devices to always be synchronized. With PDA devices, a user can browse the web , hear audio clips, watch video clips. Edit and modify office documents, and lots of more services. The device features a stylus and slightly sensitive screen for input and output purposes.


This kind of phone combines the features of a PDA thereupon of a mobile or camera phone. It’s a superior edge over other forms of mobile phones.Smartphones have the potential to run multiple programs concurrently. These phones include touch screens and web browsers which may display standard sites along with android-optimized sites, as well as Wi-Fi with high speed cellular data broadband.The common mobile Operating Systems deployed in modern smartphones include embedded Linux distributions like Maemo and MeeGo. The OSs are often installing easily on different phone models, and t each device can receive multiple updates over its lifetime..

Tablet PC and iPads

This mobile device is operating using touch sensitive motions on the screen either by a pen or finger touch. They are light in weight. They offer an equivalent functionality as portable computers mobile computing and have amazing processing horsepower. Users can edit and modify document files, speedy internet, stream video and audio data. It can receive and send e-mails, attend lectures and presentations among its many other functions. They have great screen resolution and clarity is good.