Lake Hillier | pink colored lake | salty | mysterious lake | algae


Introduction :

Lake in pink. It’s little weird to hear right. But there is lake which is naturally looks like a strawberry milkshake. Let’s read something interesting facts about the lake hillier.

Lake Hillier :

Lake Hillier is located near the coast of Middle Island in the Recherché Archipelago to the south of Western Australia.


An Navy explorer named Mathew flinder finded the lake in 1802. And till now it is a protected natural preserve.

Theories :

Till now there is no exact details about the presence of pink color water in the lake. But there are numerous theories revolving around it.

Algae theory :

One of those theories are about presence of specific species of micro algae called as dunaliella Salinas.

This specific micro algae has a tolerance to high salt concentration ranging from 0.2 to as much as 35%.

And these salt loving photosynthesis can generate energy by other parts of visible lights except orange and red.

Bacteria :

And other theories are about the presence of halophilic bacteria and archaea in Salt crusts of the lake is founded in larger amount.

Which is responsible for carotinoid pigment. And this may be a main cause or contributing factor to turn the color to pink. 

Research :

Meta genomics research group and Association of bio molecular resource facilities performed the meta genomics analysis on the lake to find the presence of algae in that lake.

Lake Retba :

It’s not only the lake in the world with pink in color. There is another one in the coast of Senegal called Lake Retba.

Swimming :

The pink lake is completely safe to swim apart from the pink color the water is clear, and does not cause any harm to us skin or body.

Can we drink? :

The algae present here is completely harmless but drinking hyper saline water is dangerous to health.

Conclusion :

We can see this vivid pink color lake with surrounding forest and Indian Ocean. Travelers can view the lake from the shore by travelling there through their cruise ships and helicopters.

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