Join Our Team: Ketto Data Analytics Job Opportunity 2023

Ketto Data Analytics Job Opportunity 2023

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Calling All Analysts: Ketto Data Analytics Job Opening

“Elevate Your Career: Explore Ketto Data Analytics Job Opening. Join Our Team to Drive Insights and Impact. Apply Now for a Bright Future!”

Are you ready to dive into the realm of data-driven impact and innovation? Ketto invites you to be a part of our family as a Data Analytics Intern, where you’ll harness the power of data to contribute to our vision of healthcare for all. As Asia’s largest tech-enabled crowdfunding platform, Ketto is on a mission to transform lives and make a difference. Join us in this exciting journey of creating positive change through data!

Company Overview: Ketto Data Analytics Job

At Ketto, we’re not just another organization – we’re a movement. With a valuation of over 3 Billion USD and more than 60 lakh donors, we’re making waves in the crowdfunding space. Our focus is clear: healthcare for all. Through our platform, we’ve impacted the lives of 2 lakh+ campaigners, and we’re just getting started. Join us to be part of a high-growth journey that’s revolutionizing how we impact lives every day.

Introduction: Dive into the Ketto Data Analytics Job

Welcome to the beating heart of Ketto – the Data Team. We’re the driving force behind data-backed insights that power innovation across all our verticals. Our goal? To unite change-makers and drive healthcare-for-all in India. As a Data Analytics Intern, you’ll collaborate with exceptional minds from diverse backgrounds. You’ll not only witness end-to-end business operations at Ketto but also specialize in areas like Product, Marketing, Business, and Technology. We’re ardent data enthusiasts who believe in data’s transformative power. From business intelligence to data engineering and machine learning, we challenge you to push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge data products and solutions.

Your Role: Shaping Insights and Impact

As a Data Analytics Intern, your journey at Ketto will encompass:

  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilize SQL/Python and visualization tools like Metabase/Tableau to extract golden nuggets of wisdom from massive datasets, empowering impactful decisions.
  • Metrics that Matter: Craft and maintain KPI tracking dashboards to evaluate the effectiveness of product, marketing, and business strategies.
  • Experimentation Enthusiast: Engage in A/B experiments, analyzing results and offering insights to enhance Ketto’s products and services.
  • Strategic Data Partner: Play a pivotal role in key meetings and roadmap discussions by providing data-backed recommendations to shape Ketto’s strategy.
Your Toolkit: Skills that Elevate

Here’s what you bring to the data feast:

  • All Welcome: Regardless of your degree or qualification, if you’ve got the relevant skills and experience, we want you. No CGPA/grades cut-off here!
  • Analytical Prowess: Armed with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, you’re ready to unravel complex business questions.
  • Data Sorcery: Transform structured and unstructured data into meaningful insights that drive change.
  • Agile Spirit: Embrace an agile approach to build analytics solutions that thrive in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • Collaborative Dynamo: Your exceptional communication and interpersonal skills allow you to collaborate with stakeholders from different teams.
  • SQL Maestro: You’re a SQL virtuoso; you’re also familiar with data visualization tools like Tableau/PowerBI/Looker.
  • Value-Add Extras: It’s a bonus if you bring along knowledge of Python/R and a basic grasp of statistical testing and machine learning concepts.

Unlocking Your Potential: Perks and Growth

At Ketto, we offer more than just a job – it’s a growth journey. Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Attractive Stipend: Enjoy a stipend that aligns with industry standards.
  • Flexible Culture: Our work culture is built on meritocracy and flexibility.
  • Diverse Environment: We celebrate diversity and inclusion, providing an environment where everyone thrives.
  • Lifelong Learning: Your professional and personal growth are fostered through learning and development programs.

Begin Your Data Odyssey

Ready to make a lasting impact through data? Join Ketto as a Data Analytics Intern and be part of a movement that’s redefining the crowdfunding landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned data enthusiast or a budding talent, your journey towards transformative change starts here. Apply now and let your data journey unfold with Ketto.

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Ketto Data Analytics Job Opportunity 2023