Introduction about Transducer

Approach Towards Transducer


A transducer is a device which helps in energy conversion.

  • It converts one form of physical form to another. Henceforth, the physical forms can be:-
  1. Thermal
  2. Electrical
  3. Mechanical
  4. Chemical
  5. Magnetic
  6. Optical
  • Transducer is a crucial part of IoT and IIoT.

What is IoT?

  • The full form of IoT is the Internet of Things.
  • IoT builds an interconnection between different objects and things.
  • Objects mean what we see around the world.
    • Simply, these objects and things can be anything.
      • Like starting from the toothbrush to the washing machine we use.
    • All these will inter-network and interconnect with each other.
  • IoT finds application to transforms the pre-existing components into smart and modern ways.

What is IIoT?

  • The full form of IIoT is the Industrial Internet of Things.
  • IIoT is the application of the Internet of Things.
  • When it is applied in the manufacturing factories, then it is called IIoT. It is also known as Industry 4.0.
How sensor and processor makes transducer as well as processor and actuator makes transducer

From the diagram, you can understand :-

  • There are three specific components:-

Transducer :

  • It is a device which does the conversion from one form of signal to another form.

Sensor :

  • It changes with the characteristics of the environment with which it is operating. In other words, it detects the presence of a particular physical quantity.

Actuator :

  • An actuator takes two input in which one of the input is energy.
  • And the actuator produces some kind of motion, such as force.

About the diagram of Transducer:

  • The diagram states that,
    • The transducer and the sensor take some input signal.
    • It produces a certain output and then sends the output.
    • Now, the output will be processed by the processor.
    • In addition, based on the processed data, it will be actuated.
    • The actuator then produces a certain output.
  • Therefore, energy transformation takes place. This is how the transducer works.
  • The combination of the sensor and the processor is the transducer’s input.
  • But the combination of an actuator and the processor is the transducer’s output.

Points to note :

  • For a moment think, what does a microphone do.
    • It converts the sound signals to electrical signals.
  • But how do we hear with the help of the speaker?
    • By amplifying the sound which means it converts the electrical signal to the sound signal.
  • This is the simple concept of the working of a microphone and speaker.
    • But the main point is what does this state? It states that it is having energy transformation.
    • So, a speaker and a microphone are examples of the transducer. Similarly, the antenna is also an example of a transducer.