How to change the look and feel of Windows 10

windows 10

Windows 10 offers many ways to change the look and feel of Start Menu, Task Manager and App menu

Wait.. I can change the way Windows looks ?

Yes, Windows 10 offers some great choices, and in this article, we will learn how to change the look and feel of Windows 10 completely, including the Start Menu, Taskbar, and App Menu.

Great! but How do I do that ?

First, users will have to run Windows Settings by opening the “Start” menu and selecting the “Gear” icon or alternatively, users can also press “Windows+I” on the keyboard, which acts as a shortcut.

After clicking on “Settings” look for “Personalization” and hit select.

Now, while users are in the “Personalization” menu, from the sidebar select “Colors”.

Now, in the Colors settings, locate the “Choose your color” from the drop-down menu, users should see 3 choices:

  • Dark Theme: This will enable the Windows Dark theme making the Start Menu, windows, taskbar, and Action Center dark. This has been one of the most anticipated changes to Windows as traditionally, windows has always had a white theme throughout the platform.
  • Light Theme: This option will enable the Windows Default Light theme for Start Menu, taskbar, windows, and Action Center. This will give users the traditional look Windows has always had and is well known for.
Choose the Light or walk the Dark Path..

What if I want a bit of both?

You’re in luck, Windows current update offers just that enabling users to pick and choose their own types of themes.

Custom Theme: With this option users can choose a mix of Dark & Light theme for different areas, including a light taskbar theme with a dark app theme. Upon clicking “Custom” from the color menu, users will see two new options present under “choose your color”

Choose your default Windows mode which lets users pick their choice of look for Windows and,

Choose your default App mode which lets users pick their choice of look for the applications running on Windows.

Choosing is the hardest part

If users wish to select a mix of both, here is an example of what that would look like selecting a Dark theme for Windows with a Light them for App, giving Windows 10 a bit of a classic look from the days before.

Old but Not Forgotten…
Dark, Light it don’t matter.. Windows looks good either way!

Users will notice the mix of Windows App theme, and the contrasting theme of the Start Menu showcasing a bit more classic taste for users who love and miss the OG look.

After this users are now free, to pick and choose the path of the Light, Dark or my personal favorite a lil bit of both and for more how to articles like this, check back on geeksgod.