Fake people


In our society, we have to face so many people around us. Some people talk to us with fairness and some people talk to us with unfairness.

I met a person who always used yo talk to mw for their need purpose only.

I had a friend in my intermediate. She used to talk to me very closely. I thought she was my friend. And I also used to share all the things with her. My intermediate had been completed and we both had a good time in our intermediate.

In my engineering, we were in the same room. But we had so many quarrels. In our first year, there were three members. I have one best friend in my room. But the one was not close to me. But she is very jealous when I was close to my best friend.

And she always used to work very hard and always wanted to know what other people are doing. I always scolded her for that type of mentality.

One day there was an exam. She prepared very well but when I started reading she also started reading. There was another quarrel between us.

Like this in every situation she used to we were like enemies. There was another between us. She had a friend who is best for her. But I thought of that person as my best friend. Whenever I made a mistake in her topic my best friend would not talk to me. That became a major problem for me. I had to compromise with her though I did not do any wrong thing.

And whenever she had a problem she used to talk to me and got help from me. But she never showed any gratitude towards me. I don’t feel about that but I bother about how she treats me. But I did not say anything like I am busy and unable to help you. I always tried to help her. And she used to make disturbances between me and my best friend. Whenever I did not talk to her there would be some disturbance between me and my best friend. So I became a condition for me to talk to her. Though I did not any mistake I had to convince her and tried to talk to her. But she used to make avoid me when I say sorry to her.