GIT & GitHub Practical Guide (Live Classes) [EDUSERA COUPON]


Praveen Kumar Purushothaman

What you'll learn :

Day 1
– Introduction to Version Control Systems
– Choosing a Right Version Control System
– Why Git is so popular? Why not others?
– Downloading and Installing Git.
– Initialising a Git Repository Locally.
– Understanding the terminologies.
– Adding & Removing Files
– Committing & Staging Code
– Basic Local Git Workflow

Day 2
– Introduction to GitHub
– GitHub’s relation to Git
– Creating a GitHub Account
– Creating a New Repository
– Pushing the Local files to Remote
– The “.gitignore” File

Day 3
– Issues & Pull Requests
– Different Merging Strategies
– Choosing the Best Merging Strategy
– Reviewing Pull Requests
– A real world Complete Example!

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