Business Etiquette Rules


“There will be rules that mustn’t be broken”.

There are some rules in business etiquette that are not meant to be broken. But some rules are like common sense, so many times people may not know how many times they made mistakes at least noticing it.

In the present situation, small and larger companies have embraced a more laid-back startup culture. Business etiquette became most important in the present situation.

1.Greeting Everyone

The greeting is the basic etiquette. It is not only polite but establishes rapport. You may not who the people that you greeted could be, so it is t most important to greet everyone all with the same kindness.

A simple greet is enough. But to remember, you have to add something which makes them view you as friendly and pleasant. If they are not interested in interacting with you while you are greeting don’t force them a conversation.

2.Making eye contact and having a handshake

Handshakes are the universal business greeting all over the world. A firm is a handshake that is considered to be positive and a weak one is negative.

Always try to offer your hand first. Actually the higher ranking people offer their hand first, if they don’t you can offer your hand. Eye contact and smile on the face are very important while shaking your hands. Those who are not having eye contact seem to be lack of confidence.

3.Always be on time

Whatever it is, whether it is work or meeting or anything else being on time is critical. And one should remember that time is very precious.

The hole team will be affected if you miss the deadline. It is easy to determine how much time you will need to complete your work in a team. So better to know how much time it takes to complete and report to the team. So that you will get a good impression by the team members by completing the task within the deadline. If you are late, it will make you disrespectful to you by the team. So never be late to anything while working in the group. If you think you will be late, inform the team.

4.Be professional

In the present situation, it does not mean whether it is face-to-face interaction or phone or email, every interaction should be professional. The communication will be two types verbal, non-verbal.When it comes to face-to-face interaction you should maintain proper verbal and non-verbal communication. In face-to-face interaction, you should maintain proper eye-contact, facial expressions, etc.When it comes to phone you should have a good tone of voice and proper listening to skills to answer in a proper way. When it comes to email connections,you should have good writing skills. And in email or message interaction your text should be short and to the point. But don’t say anything you needn’t be in person.

5.Dress appropriately

In recent decades Dress code became much relaxed. As much as we like to tell ourselves not to “judge a book by its cover,” our immediate reaction is to just do that. Surveys tell that people notice about others by their appearance. The dressing is the first impression on us by the others.

You needn’t put luxury dresses. Just dress smart and polite and appropriate shows that you put your full efforts to become yourself with a good appearance.

6.Table manners

Dining etiquette should be awared by everyone.

Rules while dinner/lunch

1.You should not talk with our mouth full or chew with it open.

2.No elbows on the table

3.Don’t blow you nose with the napkin

4.No texting or playing with your phone at the tabe.

7.Keep your workspace neat

A desk cluttered with old coffee cups, piles of papers, and more Post-It-notes that free space, will distract you and annoy others. You can’t manage your work if you don’t keep your workspace clean and neat. Your workspace reflects your work and professional image. To maintain a clean and neat workspace in order to have a good professional life.

8.Put your phone away

Nowadays people are attracted too much to their smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. It became hard to disconnect people with them. But you have put all your devices away from you. Texting or chatting during meeting times is plain rude. Checking your phone, again and again, reflects poorly on the company and causes you to lose your job also. If you are distracted by your phone it is impossible to give your full attention. So put it away from you. Make it switch it to silent or turn it off completely.

9.Show respect to others

Working in an office means that you are sharing space with others. People around you may share their ideas, thoughts with you. Show respect to people and their ideas and thoughts.