“Awkward” questions of Women to the Gynecologist

Awkward expression of a woman

We always have dozens of questions especially about our genitalia, but we won’t ask out of shame or embarrassment or something like that. But it is necessary to know about you like sex education, self-education also important. I’m not only talking about girls, women but also men who are husband, son, brother, friend, father. There is nothing like “girls topic” if you are concerned about your loved ones you need to know. Let get on to the topic.Don’t feel embarrassed put “must mode” on 😉



Being Hygiene is the first thing everyone has, is it okay to just use this product or that product ??. First of all, there is no need to use such products. A woman’s body has natural bacteria and lubricants to protect the vagina. Until your doctor prescribes don’t use it, else it will kill the good bacterias to leading to the rashes and irritation.

Then Period hygiene what to use? how long to use? which one is safe?. We have used sanitary pads for ages, it is pretty uncomfortable if you are doing some chores, sports especially swimming. Tampoons are invented it is inserted inside the vagina but it has some disadvantages. Girls often forget they are using tampons it lead to Tampoon shocking syndrome and damage to the vagina. Then the new invention is a Menstrual cup, it is compared to all effective, we can do all chores even swimming. But it causes prolapse, it will weaken pelvic muscles and painfully bulging out of the vagina.

So for the Question What is best? -Answer is None (LOL) it is according to our preferences .then the Second question is How long to use? whatever you use change frequently 3 to 5 hours. And finally Which one is safe everything has its own disadvantage it is in our hands how er are using it? Try to change frequently according to the flow.

tampoons,pads,menstrual cup image
Menstrual cup ,tampon ,Sanitary pad


  • 8 in 10 girls are having PCOS or PCOD.PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is due to improper lifestyle and foods. Eating lots of junk foods, lack of physical exercise, hormonal imbalance, overweight leads to the absence of periods or irregular periods. Which may affect getting pregnant. It is good to track your periods.
PCOS suffering woman


We don’t know the word Pap-smear until we get some infection in our cervix. Yeah, it is a cervical cancer testing term. It is used to get cells from the cervix of a woman and test it for any abnormal cells (cancer cells). Refer to this video link to know about the PAP test

How often to visit gyno?

After Puberty it is good to visit a gynecologist, and after 21 visiting once a year will be a healthy habit if you are sexually active. It will prevent any infections or abnormalities.

consulting gyno
Young woman patient with a senior gynecologist during the consultation in the gynecological office

Pubic hair

Is it okay to shave or wax your private hair?. It is not healthy to wax or shaves your private hair, hair is a natural barrier to the genital. Genital is a sensitive area so it is protected by hair, protect from cloths rubbing or during intercourse. You can cut or trim without affecting the follicles of hair

Right age to be a Mom

Puberty is a sign that we are physically ready for reproduction. But not mentally to raise a child we need mental maturity else it will be a blunder you have ever done (refer to this link to know). It will okay to have a baby at 24 to 30 years but don’t postpone after 30. The quality of eggs, ovary or fallopian tube may weaken after 30.

a pregnant woman

Breast milk

In recent days many myths are roaming like feeding breast milk is not good for mom and so on. But it is wrong, breast milk is not only good for babies also healthy for Mom. Women who give Breast milk can avoid breast cancer, protects from having breast cancer.

Don’t hesitate to know about you or your loved ones. Nothing is unspeakable or taboo once we accept it. That’s it for today 🙂